who we are

We’re a team of really hardworking people striving to provide excellent care and service. we see our own friends and family at the office. we’re good at what we do. we take it personally.

the team

Bri Van Heuvel

student optician

Bryanna Wood


Jay Mithani


Jennifer Roy

chief experience officer

Kalli Ablett


Michelle Thibodeau


Myriam Caza


Nadine Guerrette


Sabrina Wong

optometry student


Why are you appointment-only?
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As an optometry clinic with two optometrists seeing patients concurrently, including emergencies, our small space cannot accommodate additional walk-in traffic. As we are not solely an optical dispensary, we have limited capacity in-office for patients.

What is the eye exam fee?
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At EITG both the OCT scan and retinal imaging are included in the $180 comprehensive eye exam fee. Please note that patients who are insured by OHIP for their eye health evaluation, the OCT scan is not covered by OHIP and incurs an additional fee of $75, Please note that we are a cashless office, and accept debit and credit payments only. Contact lens fittings require extra time and assessment and incur additional fees (see below).

Do you accept cryptocurrency as payment?
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We are orange pilled. . Coming early 2024.

Do you bill insurance companies directly?
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We do not direct bill private insurance or out-of-province insurance programs. Upon payment, we will provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company and/or provincial insurance program.

What is the cost of a contact lens fitting?
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The fee for contact lens fittings depends on the type of contact lens worn and/or if it is your first time wearing lenses. It is best to contact the office ahead of time to confirm the contact lens-related service fees. The optometrist will recommend/prescribe the best and most current lens for you. The doctors will not prescribe lenses that risk compromising your health.

What is an OCT (ocular coherence tomography) scan?
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The OCT scan goes much deeper than a typical retinal photograph; the OCT scan is a non-invasive medical imaging technique used to observe the individual tissue layers behind the eye which are impossible to see with the naked eye. An ocular coherence tomography (OCT) is used to detect and monitor early signs of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy as well as many other eye complications.

Can I request a specific frame model from a brand you carry?
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It is not feasible to bring in and/or carry any style. Independent eyewear is hand-made and oftentimes limited in production. Moreover, independent eyewear manufacturers do not allow us to bring in a frame to be viewed. When a frame is ordered in, we are billed and own it immediately, and as such, we would require commitment from the patient. While independent eyewear is unique, beautiful, and legendary for quality, there are inventory ordering constraints. Please trust that we curate our collections quite well!

What's the best way to contact the office, and why might calls go unanswered during business hours?
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We have invested considerable resources into developing our digital communications systems. Please use the Contact Us link above. With the limited staff on-hand given space restrictions, our phone lines have been disabled for several years. We are able to provide efficient and prompt attention via email. We are also happy to receive voicemail (and return calls).

Will you provide me with a PD?
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If we may suggest, try reaching out to the last place you had purchased glasses from as they will have the measurement on file. If you have purchased glasses with us in the past, we will happily provide the PD measurement we have on file for you. Otherwise, we do offer standard PD measurements for a $30 fee.