privacy policy

What is Personal Information

Information about an individual relating to your personal characteristics, or your health.

collection and use

Personal information collected from patients of this practice shall be limited to that required to:

a) evaluate your eye health and vision status

b) determine and recommend appropriate treatment or referral

c) communicate with you about the services we provide

d) to advise you about your vision care needs

e) provide you with eye-care, health or other product or treatment information

f) process payment and pursue collection of accounts receivable for service and products received from our office

g) communicate with others (e.g.: other health care providers, lawyers, third party insurers, etc.) about your eye health and vision status.



In the course of providing services to you, your personal information may be disclosed to:

a) other health care providers

b) insurers or other third party payers you have identified

c) regulatory authorities, where such information may assist in the investigation of a complaint or review of standards of care

d) governmental authorities (e.g. : CCRA, Privacy Commissioner, Human Rights Commission, etc.) who have it in their mandate to access you file

e) our practice’s lawyers, accountants, information managers or other consultants contracted to provide advice or counsel regarding the administration or management of the practice

f) on termination of sale of the practice, to a purchasing optometrist or file storage facility that agrees to serve as trustee of your personal information and to only access this information for the purpose of confirming their custody of your file, unless you initiate contact as a patient.


The disclosure of personal information shall be limited to that which is necessary for the purpose for which it is disclosed. All the above noted external parties have the same legal responsibility as this practice to protect all personal information collected in the course of their activities.


Access and Destruction of Personal Information

You have the right to access your personal information at any reasonable time (e.g. during regular office hours) and have the right to request corrections to your personal information. This applies to factual information and not professional opinions we may have recorded. Corrections are recorded on your patient file. If our office does not agree with the correction, we will include a brief statement on your file recording both opinions. Reasonable safeguards will be taken whenever paper and electronic records are destroyed or deleted. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that no record remains after destruction.


Should you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact our privacy officer at the office.


Miscellaneous Information

The two legislative bodies are: PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act). We honor the individual’s right to have his or her personal information protected as well as our need to collect, use and disclosure personal information for purposes that are reasonable. Everyone must agree to a release of information form before we can release or request information from another medical practitioner or person involved in their vision care. The act applies to personal information whether it is recorded or not.